Dear Everyone, ON AN ON has brought us around the world to meet so many of you beautiful, warm, and generous people. We've driven figure eights over the entirety of North America more times than I can remember. We've trucked across Europe more than once in vans that were in unusually questionable shape, and even brought our music to the otherworldly island of Iceland. It seems like getting together to make and listen to music is one of the few magical encounters we still allow ourselves in this busy and ever-evolving world. You and I, and OAO are all a part of that magic.

If you're on this email list (if you're reading this at all) you give a shit, and that's something I value more than I can put into this sentence.

ON AN ON is going to be taking a break from touring. We may still release music and play concerts now and then around Minneapolis, but we are winding ourselves in for now. There are a few reasons that this is our next move. If you're able to make it to any of the last OAO shows in the next couple months we can talk more about it. Those dates are below. It's an entirely positive decision for us. We're redirecting the energy we were giving to OAO into new exciting things.

Alissa is making ambient music, starting some side projects and beginning a major grant writing phase to realize some big art ideas that she's been working on. The work she is making right now is environmental and moving. Talk to her about it if you get the chance, and be on the lookout. Her website is here. Ryne has been writing songs for the past several years under the name Louis. Check it out here. If you haven't heard any of that music yet, start with the track called 'The Wolf and I'. It's one of my favorites. It takes me back to Chicago summers with good friends crammed onto back porches, drinking miller lite and figuring out who we wanted to be. More recently he has been working on an electronica project called MLMO which is about to release it’s first song here (http://mlmomusic.com). What I am doing next is called COMO. It's just me, but I wouldn't say it's a solo project. You're in COMO too.

For the last two years I've been recording whenever I sit down to write. As I explore and experiment, I talk to the recordings as if they were you sitting on the couch across the room from me. If you play it on speakers it feels like I'm in your living room working on songs and talking to you about what's happening. It's full of mistakes, laughs, unrehearsed moments of beauty, and a lot of the best songs I've ever written. COMO will be putting out albums. I'll let you know when I release the tracks and get it all rolling.

I want to thank our label, Roll Call Records for working their asses off to maintain the most supportive and caring environment possible. Specifically Rob Abelow, OAO's manager who tirelessly worked to connect us with opportunities to progress as a band. Rob and Roll Call always prioritized our humanity over our profitability, and frankly that just doesn't happen nowadays.

All of the best in everything forever,



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